Mr. Comey Vs. Mr. Trump – America FIRST!

9 Jun

Mr. Comey Vs. Mr. Trump – America FIRST!

By Gentry W. Trotter

A culture of “blame game” and deceit will NEVER be victor over character! However awkward fired FBI honcho Comey is with human poor judgment, he has character!

The FBI is a long way from the dark days of “compromised” J. Edgar Hoover. When anyone questions your honor; after firing you and defames you publicly. All bets are off!

You have the right to DEFEND your honor! Folks, this is not about partisan politics, knock it off, please! This is about putting America first, patriotism – the U.S. Constitution, ethics in good government.

Since, I was 11, I personally never, nor would I ever insult the Office of the President, as that is bigger than one human being employed by us every four years. But before the November 2016, general election, CITIZEN Donald Trump was known widely as a court documented liar and self-avowed “stretcher of the truth.”

Knock off the B.S. and accept the factually truth, then citizen Trump prior to the election was severely flawed. As President, his character apparently has not changed.

There is a stain on the Presidency, whether you voted for him or not! Stop defending Mr. Trump, forget about Hillary losing and put America first. Put the heat on your U.S. Senators and U.S. Reps and tell them your side. Speaking up is a powerful and influential tool.

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