No Liberal License for Racial Slurs Given

5 Jun

No Liberal License for Racial Slurs Given

By Gentry W. Trotter
I’ve waited for several days, before commenting on Bill Maher’s harsh and grossly insensitive “N” word usage. Even I have outgrown the use of it. White liberals don’t have a license to use racial slurs. And despite what some say on social media, “racial slurs” are not considered in a political correctness debate.

Senator Sasse either didn’t hear it; or he did and had a HUGE “nervous” smile. But he too should have rebuffed that! Yes, this Independent “fiscal conservative” do-gooder, watches Maher weekly, as he slams both the LEFT and the RIGHT! Of late he has become uninhabitant on what jumps out of his mouth these days. But it’s HBO, where freedom of speech often surpasses my personal taste.

And for those who embarrassed themselves, of late who support Maher on the bases of “political correctness,” LOL! Let’s not fool ourselves. Often what people say is what they do! Behind the “N” word in many quarters is still REAL hate, for many it’s a returning back to the dark days of slavery and 20th century economic exclusion.

Take a lead from some of the network news, in reporting Maher’s story. If Maher wanted to crack wise with that silly, Senator Sasse “…you can work in the fields,” it’s was easier to say, “But, I’m a house slave.” Or at best in the name of comic relief, that unbelievable Maher stare, of “I can’t believe you said that dummy,” with eyes rollin’.  The latter is how you can do a clean comic bit, without ethnic slurs.

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