Saluting All Heroes of D-Day, Including 2,000 Black Troops

6 Jun

Saluting All Heroes of D-Day, Including 2,000 Black Troops

We all know the dark days of our U.S. history and the military.  Unfortunately, black young GIs had to fight on two fronts. The war, if they were lucky to be in the U.S. Army which allowed combat, and dreaded segregation of the day.

While photography doesn’t capture black troops, among the thousands of troops, 2,000 black GIs hit the beaches of Utah and Normandy on June 6, 1944, some 73 years ago.  Blacks were rejected by other troops and belittled by their own white officers.

Today many of those GIs who made it through the beaches, being shot at, still embraced loyalty to their nation.  And today, as we all pay tribute to United States’ efforts on D-Day, many black GIs, now veterans in their 80s, recall that Marines, Navy and Air Force, at some point, had black GIs, only as cooks, etc. but never as brave warriors. Many black GIs were even discouraged from joining the armed forces.

Rewind into the current decades of military history, and we all have witnessed more minorities as generals, and other top-notch military specialists, including women in leadership. My, how we’ve changed. The dark days of military history has been replaced with a multi-cultural military of smart, dedicated men and women protecting our freedom.

We salute the victors of D-Day, and the brave souls, who didn’t let racism of the day, demoralizing them, and keep them from feeling that despite obstacles, they were Americans, too. Things drastically have changed for the better. A battle well-fought by whites and blacks, with a robust civil rights movement which helped turn the tide of ugly Jim Crow in the military.

Also never again, does the world needs to see another evil freak, like Hitler.

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