Ambassador Andrew Young, 86 Still Roars Like A Civil Rights Lion!

12 Jan

Ambassador Andrew Young, 86 Still Roars Like A Civil Rights Lion!  


#Classy: Not often do I have time to chat with anyone, anymore! But I’ll stop the clock for notable legends i.e., Ambassador Andrew Young. I chatted with him before having a private dinner at the Ritz co-sponsored by Michael Patrick McMillan’s St. Louis Urban League of Greater St. Louis and Dr. Fred P. Pestello, President of St. Louis University. There were Urban League and SLU’s officials, and a few corporate sponsors, and honorees there, who are being showcased Friday morning, during the MLK Memorial Tribute. 

Ambassador Young still worries about MLK’s dream on pay equality and fighting poverty regardless of race! He never attacked the current controversial White House administration, but admits U.S. civil rights has advanced from the days of church burnings, cop beatings, and voting registration. However, political negativism has become the order of the day, painting a broad, but notable brush. 

Finally, Ambassador Young is a globalist. He believes that there needs to be improvement in economic empowerment, and thinks that the Urban League is one of many tools that can help impact equal life’s chances. In his 80s, he recalls as a kid, being told by his parents to eat all of your food because the kids in China were starving! “Today, we’re in debt to China,” Young muses. 

Ambassador Young will be honored Friday at St. Louis U and will keynote, at the MLK Memorial Tribute and will snag the Civil Rights Legend Award. Xernona Clayton, founder and CEO of the Trumpet Awards, Judge Glenda Hatchett, Marc M. Morial, national Urban League President, and several locals will also be honored. This is a rare historic moment in St. Louis history. 

Ambassador Young is a well-centered, passionate humanitarian. And still he’s one of those venerable civil rights lions that still can roar — with conviction. 

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