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MO Beauty Contest, April Fool’s Joke On Taxpayers!

8 Feb

It’s clear that the Missouri “beauty contest” was a joke for us taxpayers, a waste of money, because no delegates were awarded to former U.S. Senator Rick Santorum. Dems also had a chance to vote for U.S. President Barack Obama with about four other unknown names – this went of course went unreported in the lame-stream national media.


Pat Downs May Have Tickled Congress Into Acting?

7 Feb

When former U.S. Congressman Roy Blunt was part of the ivy league boys’ power club in the House, he was extremely tenacious in ensuring that his bills or the bills he co-sponsored just didn’t set around and gather dust. In his lustrous career as a public servant in Congress to see the power of the House change back and forth could have been nerve-racking, especially if the Republican Party wasn’t at the steering wheel. When he left the House, it wasn’t in power; the Obama machine was leading the ballroom dance through Queen Nancy, but now it’s in the eager hands of Tea Party rage.


MO GOP House Dances With The Devil Against Race and Age

6 Feb

In the day when Peter Kinder was president pro tem of the Missouri Senate, a Republican and Catherine Hanaway former U.S. Attorney was seated as the Speaker of the House, Republicans were compassionated and understanding and some led the way in the state’s celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King, by supporting the state celebration commission, etc.


Sign the Petition: St. Louis Needs Local “Police” Control

5 Feb

Finally, after 150 years, St. Louis has its best chance to gain control of its police department. We cannot miss this opportunity. Organizers from A Safer Missouri are out collecting signatures on initiative petitions that would place the question of local control for the St. Louis police department on the ballot in 2012. St. Louis is one of just two cities in the entire nation that does not control its own police department.


Media Gives Newt A New Lease – An Anti-Establishment Candidacy

29 Jan

You know Romney is headed to nomination victory when liberal historian Doris Kerns Goodwin pushes to legitimatize Newt, as a Republican Ron Paul-type, attempting to rewrite history, by refusing to accept the truth – Newt has always been part of the Elephant Establishment, by virtue of his Contract with America. The Tea Party needs to be very cautious about being egged-on by a bunch of left-wing bullies, in a phony attempt to cross-up their party’s nomination process.


Serial Zipper Jock Cain Endorses Wife Cheater & Mistreater

29 Jan

On the eve of the national Bubble Wrap Day, here’s a jagged political gift that Gov. Mitt Romney would love to wrap-up and ensure that he wins Florida’s 50 Republican delegates, if in fact he can get his own staff from their self-touting circle of mental masturbation, (see New York Times). We definitely know the weeknight comedy hosts will have a laughable moment at the expense of primary challenger Newt Gingrich.


Miss Manners?: Tie Gov. Jan “Witch” Brewer Behind Air Force One

27 Jan

Every time we begin writing something positive about a Republican or the Republican Party, someone off-the-wall pops up in a very glaring way; a selfish goofball grabs the attention. This month’s Goof Ball is the Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer.


It’s Showtime: Russ Carnahan, A Stubborn Missouri Mule

26 Jan

If you think U.S. Congressman Russ Carnahan is crying in his Budweiser, or Ripple, after being blown out of his seat due to redistricting, well think again. For those of us who tuned-in to all of the television and cable news networks to hear U.S. President Barack Obama gave his third hyper-impressive State of the Union address to a Joint Session of Congress, Mr. Carnahan’s image was all over the place


Blunt Mocks Obama’s State of the Union Address, “as a campaign strategy”

24 Jan

This week we caught up with Missouri’s junior U.S. Senator Roy Blunt (R), who was in the Sam Rayburn Building, talking about FAA challenges and the issue of private screenings with some members of his leadership. The Senator stopped to participate in his weekly Missouri media teleconference, and globetrotterstl.com was there representing the voters of The Show Me State.


Lewis Reed Positioning to Get Mauled by Slay’s Political Machine

23 Jan

Can you remember those cute little news reels where the little children poked their faces or arms up against the double re-enforced glass zoo cages? The bear or lion was enjoying a good life with his or her toys or sleeping quietly wanting to be left alone, and all of a sudden, the animals leap up and scare the bee-Jeez out of the little kids.